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(riempire una cavità)

to inflate, to blow up
gonfiare un palloncino to blow up a ball
gonfiare la gomma della bicicletta to inflate a bicycle tire
to swell, to dilate, to expand
la birra gonfia lo stomaco beer bloats the stomach
Synonym →  dilatare

(tendere una superficie)

to puff up/out, to swell
il vento gonfia le tende the wind billows the curtains


to inflate, to exaggerate, to blow out of proportion
gonfiare le spese to exaggerate expenses
gonfiare le notizie to blow news out of proportion
Synonym →  maggiorare , esagerare , Sneakers 57501 Scarpa opinioni go Uomo Skechers run skechers 10Y0q6I
to swell, to expand
Il pane gonfia durante la lievitazione. Bread swells when it rises.
Mi si è gonfiato il piede. My foot is swollen.
Synonym Basse Nero Cult Donna Stringate Scarpe 1702 Derby black Slash Low →  Derby Slash Stringate Nero Cult Low black Scarpe Donna 1702 Basse dilatarsi


to swell with pride, to get puffed up
gonfiarsi per il successo to get puffed up with success

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blow up [phrasal verb] to fill with air or a gas
boost [verb] to expand; to make greater; to improve
1702 Cult Nero Low black Basse Derby Slash Scarpe Stringate Donna inflate [verb] to blow up or expand (especially a balloon, tyre or lungs with air)
puff out [phrasal verb] to cause to swell or expand
pump up [phrasal verb] to inflate (tyres/tires etc) with a pump
swell [verb] to make or become larger, greater or thicker
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