100 Donna Scarpe MARIA genuino Evita da marrone Francesine wqrt1CqO

to reject, to decline, to turn down
rifiutare una proposta to reject a proposal
Synonym →  respingere , MARIA 100 da Francesine Evita Donna marrone Scarpe genuino rigettare

(di fare)

to refuse
Mi rifiuto di andare. I refuse to go.

(non dare)

Synonym →  negare

(Traduzione di “rifiutare” dal GLOBAL Italian–English Dictionary © 2016 K Dictionaries Ltd)

deny [verb] to refuse (to give or grant someone something); to say ’no’ to
rebuff [verb] to reject or refuse in an unkind of unfriendly way
refuse [verb] not to give (permission etc)
refuse [verb] not to accept
refuse [verb] not to do what one has been asked, told or is expected to do
reject [verb] to refuse to accept
repulse [verb] to refuse to accept eg help from, or be friendly to.
turn down [phrasal verb] to say ’no’ to; to refuse
withhold [verb] to refuse to give

(Traduzione di “rifiutare” dal PASSWORD Italian–English Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)